iOS Tips & Tricks

iOS Tricks

iOS Shortcuts - Get there quicker

Back to the Top
Tap on the top Status-bar to scroll to the top within any screen e.g. Messages, Safari, Mail.

Double-press the home button and click the app you wish to use. You can also swipe up to close them. You can swipe and close multiple apps at a time.

Hide Banners
While using your iOS device, if you (are playing a game and) do not wish to see the notification banners, just swipe up to get rid of it.

Incoming call
To immediately silence an incoming call, just tap either of the Volume buttons or the Power button. Press the Power button Twice to send the call to Voice Mail. You can also use the Remind Me later options.

Rotation Lock
If you see a Round Lock icon on the top, that is for Rotation Lock. To turn it On or Off Swipe Up from the bottom of the screen to bring the Control Center and tap the Rotation Icon.

Back to Home fast
If you have a lot of Apps on your phone with multiple pages and you are on a fourth or fifth page for example, click the Home button to go back to the first page immediately.

Spotlight Search
If you have a too many Apps that it is hard to find Apps, swipe down anywhere within the home page to bring down the search box.

Go to your Phone App and tap the Green Dial icon to redial the previous number you called.

Take Screenshot
Press the Power and Home buttons at the same time to take a screenshot of what you are looking at. This can be done at any time, even while playing games.

Typing - iMessages Tips

Emoji icons
Add Emoji icons as a keyboard. Go to Settings, General, Keyboard then Keyboards. Select Add New Keyboard, find Emoji option and tap it to add it. 

Hold Shift
Hold the Shift button to type capitals, just like on a real keyboard. Or double tap to turn ON capitals. 

Inserting a period
Tap the space bar twice to insert a period (full stop) and a space. This makes typing much faster. 

Quick Correct
When typing, if you mistype a word it shows a red line underneath it. Tap on that word to show other possible words to replace it. 

Select and Copy Text
Press and hold on any text to select it. Drag it from a corner to highlight more text. You can Cut or Copy the hightlighted text. 

Shake to Undo or Redo
While typing, shake your iOS device. It will give you an option to Undo or Redo what you have typed. 

Shortcuts (adding words to Dictionary)

This can make your life much easier. Go to Settings, General, Keyboard then Shortcuts. This is where you can type more shortcuts to be used in the future. These words will also be added to your dictionary.  

You don't always have to type. You can just speak to your iOS device by pressing the microphone icon and it will type it for you.

Organize - Be neat and tidy

More or Delete Apps
Hold your finger on any App icon to make them shake. Then press the Cross to delete it.

Create Folders
While the icons are shaking. Press and move the App icon on top of another icon to make a folder. You can name it anything.

Check App size
Go to Settings, select General, then Usage. Tap Show all Apps to see them all.

Delete a Call history
Go to the Phone App, swipe left on a call to remove it. You can also Clear All Recent.

Battery Life - Last it longer

Turn off Push
Turn off Push for emails can save a lot of battery life. Go to Settings, select Mail, then Fetch New Data. Turn off push. 

Keep it Cool
Battery life lasts longer if kept in a cool temperature between 0-35c (32-95F).

Turn off Location
Turn off location service for any app which isn't required. From Settings, Privacy, then Location Services. 

Frequent Locations
This is designed to help you locate and keep track your frequent locations you visit. Turn it off if not required by going to Settings, Privacy then Location Services and scroll to the bottom choose System Services then Friquent Services.

Background App Refresh
Some apps run in the background to keep you up to date e.g. Google Maps, To turn off go to Settings, General then Background App Refresh.

Dim the Screen
A very bright screen significantly drains the battery life. Scroll from the bottom of the screen and use the slider to dim it.

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