Passcode Unlock

Passcode Unlock

Network Check

Not sure which Network your phone is locked to?
Please click here to get a Network Report

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Are you struggling to understand this whole unlocking process?

Please follow the steps below to understand How Unlocking Works:


The very first thing you need to find is your 15 digit IMEI number, without that iPhone cannot be unlocked. Click here to find out different ways to find IMEI. 


If you are not sure which network your phone is locked to, we can find it for you. Please check our Network Report item for more details.


Find the network your phone is locked to and click Add To Cart and complete the order request.


We will receive your order and submit an unlock request to the network it is currently locked to. Unlock times depend on the network. This can vary from 24hrs up to multiple weeks. 


Once your phone is unlocked. We will send you an email with further instructions on how to complete your unlocking process. Check the iTunes tab for more info on that. 


Thats all.
iTunes will display that your iPhone is now unlocked.

If Unlocking Guide wasn't enough to answer your questions, please read our How to find IMEI page or FAQ page.


You can always Contact Us too.

Passcode locked iPhone?

Do you have a passcode locked iOS device?
You have already tried to guess the passcode more then 10 times and it has locked you out completely? 
We can still help.

How hard is it to fix the passcode lock issue?
airly simple for most non-tech-savvy.

Can i keep my Device Data?

Yes. But only if your device had the iCloud backup ON.

How long does the fix take?

About 1 hour. After we send you a video instruction. 

What software or computer system do i need?

You only need iTunes and a Mac or a PC.


This is only for Passcode lock, no other type of locks e.g. Network lock, Activation lock. See the full list of locks.
You do not need to bring the phone to us. No refund if your device does not restore, in that case it has a different problem.


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