How to find IMEI

Not sure where to locate your IMEI number?

There are at lease SIX different ways to find your 15 digit IMEI number, depending on your phone model:

  1. Go to the Phone app and type *#06# and hit dial.
  2. Go to Settings/General/About (look for IMEI)
  3. At the back of the iPhone, in the small writing at the bottom.
  4. Connect your phone to your computer, open iTunes, you will find it there.
  5. On the setup screen, look for an 'i' which gives you the IMEI.
  6. Take out the Sim tray, it has the IMEI number. (avoid this method as the tray could have been swapped with a different one)

NOTE: WiFi-only devices do not have an IMEI number. In other words devices which don’t take a SIM card will only have a serial number.


Here are more ways to get the IMEI from Apple's website.